I am Dalkandura Arachchige Kalpa Shashika Silva Gunaratna and a PhD candidate at Kno.e.sis Center, Wright State University. My research interest lies mainly in fact summarization, data integration and alignment, semantic/cognitive computing, NLP, knowledge graphs, and Semantic Web technologies. I am also interested in data analytics and exploration of ML, IR, and AI techniques for intelligent data processing. I have also worked on Cloud and Distributed Computing in the recent past. I have done exciting internships at IBM Almaden (USA), NLM-NIH (USA), and Insight Center (Ireland) applying my research expertise.

I graduated (with First Class Honors) from UCSC of University of Colombo, Sri Lanka with the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree (BSCS). After my undergraduate studies, I worked in the industry as a software engineer in a reputed international company for one year and nine months.

I joined Kno.e.sis Center in 2010 summer and have been working with my advisors Prof. Amit P. Sheth and Prof. T. K. Prasad.

I successfully defended my PhD dissertation titled "Semantics-based Summarization of Entities in Knowledge Graphs" on April 19 2017 and joined Samsung Research America as a senior research engineer on June 19 2017.

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NEWS Updates ...

Our paper titled Relatedness-based Multi-Entity Summarization is accepted at IJCAI2017 - April 2017.

Our paper on Intelligent Personal Assistant in collaboration with IBM is accepted at WWW2017 - February 2017.

I presented my work on Gleaning Type Semantics for RDF Triples in Knowledge Graphs at the ESWC 2016 main conference - May 31 2016.

Our workshop (SumPre2016) has been successfully concluded at ESWC 2016. We had participants for the ENSEC-2016 challenge this year and gave away gift vouchers for the winners. - May 30 2016

I completed an exciting research internship at IBM Almaden Research Center - September 2015.

Our workshop (SumPre2015) focusing on Entities, Summarization, and Ontologies has been successfully concluded at ESWC 2015 - June 2015.

I presented my work on Faceted Entity Summarization for RDF at the AAAI 2015 main conference - January 2015.


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